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Uralsky Master Pale

Uralsky Master is one of the biggest regional brands of Baltika Breweries brewed specially for the Ural residents. There are sorts that suit any taste in this product range.

Uralsky Master was launched in May, 2002. It was specially designed for hard-working men - factory workers and metallurgists. The main goal for those who developed the recipe and products was to offer a high quality drink at an affordable price. Over the last 10 years the fine quality of Uralsky Master was repeatedly distinguished by numerous awards. Uralsky Master sorts were worthily acknowledged at numerous regional, as well as international contests and beer festivals. In 2009 Uralsky Master Classic received a silver medal of the Monde Selection contest in Belgium in the Pilsner category, and also a silver prize at Superior Taste Award in Brussels, founded by the International Institute of Taste and Quality.



Moreover, Uralsky Master is an honorary laureate of the All-Russian contest “100 Best Russia’s products”.

In 2012, Uralsky Master brand turned 10. Over this decade it has earned the reputation of a beer for people who love and know how to work. However, when they have time to rest, it is important to leave all troubles and problems behind. The brand design was renewed in the anniversary year.

To make communication with the foamy drink lovers more open, Uralsky Master organized brewery tours. Adult consumers can see how their favorite drink is produced. Uralsky Master offers everyone to have fun after the work is done! Today there are four sorts of Uralsky Master - Classic, Pale, Strong, and Ice. They are produced in 0.5 liter glass bottles, 0.5 liter cans, 1.5 liter PET bottles, 2.5 liter PET bottles and in kegs.

Uralsky Master Pale
A light beer brewed in the best brewing traditions. The brew has a pleasant taste with a subtle bitterness.



Original wort gravity: 9.5%

Alcohol content: not less than 4.0 % by volume.

Variants of package

  • 0.47 litre bottles
  • PET 1.42 liter

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