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Yarpivo Strong

Yarpivo is an amber-yellow foamy drink the colour of the sun with an exquisite flavor of hops and excellent saturated taste. Yarpivo is brewed according to traditional recipes using the selected malt and hops.

The history of Yarpivo brand started in 1998 in Yaroslavl, an ancient Russian city, a part of Russia’s Golden Ring and the world’s cultural heritage. Called in honor of Yaroslavl the beer is brewed according to the ancient recipe in the very center of Russia. Thanks to the skills of Yaroslavl brewers Yarpivo quickly gained popularity among beer lovers not only in Yaroslavl but also throughout Russia. No wonder that Yarpivo for many years has been for many years one of the most popular beer brands on the Russian market.

The high quality of Yarpivo was distinguished in 2008 with the gold prize of one of the most prestigious international contests - Monde Selection (Belgium) and the silver medal of the Superior Taste Award (Belgium) contest annually held by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi).

Currently the product range of Yarpivo brand includes five sorts: Amber, Original, Strong, Ice and Yarpivo Two Hops.

Yarpivo is exported to Belarus, Ukraine, South Ossetia, Israel, Lithuania and the U.S.


Ingredients: purified drinking water, pale barley malt, brewing barley, hop products

Alcohol content: not less than 7.2% by volume.

Original wort gravity: : 15%

Energy value: 54 kilocalories per 100 g of beer.

Nutrition value: not more than 4,5 g of carbohydrates in 100 g of beer.

Shelf life: 6 months

Variants of package

  • PET-Bottle 1 l
  • PET 1.35 liter
  • 0.5 litre cans

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