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Garage Hard Lingonberry

This beverage is produced in Russia on license of Carlsberg Group, as well as in Denmark, Canada, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, where the line Seth & Riley’s GARAGE has already got the high popularity. It is curious, that Hard Drink was invented on the south of America, where summer lasts almost the whole year round. Particularly there, the tradition to prepare homemade fruit refreshing beverages and to drink it with ice appeared. Some time later they became low-alcoholic.  That’s the way Hard Drink, which is low-alcoholic refreshing natural drink with lemon or lemon tea taste, that is ideal for parties, picnics and big companies appeared.

One of the sorts of the line Seth&Riley’s available in Russia is hard lingonberry drink with the ginger taste.


Ingredients: purified drinking water, pale barley malt, brewing barley, sugar, natural flavor compound “Lingonberry type”, lingonberry juice, pH-adjusting agent – citric acid, hop products.

Alcohol content: 4,6 %

Variants of package

  • 0.44 litre bottles

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