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Tuborg Non-Alcoholic

Tuborg Non-Alcoholic — is non-alcoholic beer, brewed using the dialysis technology. Exactly that method allows making alcohol-free beer, which does not differ in taste from beer containing alcohol

Tuborg Non-Alcoholic expands consumers boarders of choice and allows  them to enjoy the taste of the favorite beverage in any situation.

Tuborg Non-Alcoholic as well as alcoholic sort, is produced in new unique bottle with a distinctive embossing, Tuborg engraving and handy cap ring pull.


Alcohol-content: : less than 0.5 % by volume

Energy value per 100 g of beer: : 35 kcal

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer: carbohydrates — not more than 6,0 g

Variants of package

  • 0.48 litre bottles

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