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Samara Czech hop

Samara is the regional brand of the Baltika Breweries that is launched on the “Baltika-Samara plant” since 2003 and is positioned in economy price brackets. The recipe of Samara beer has been developed accounting local beverage traditions and the local residents of Samara region likes. The title of the hops has been invented by the local residents of Samara through the public contest.

Samara Czech hop is the traditional regional brand of the Baltika Breweries that is brewed with the Czech hop using the technology of the double hopping: bitter hop at the start of brewing and flavored hop at the end. It has got pure soft fragrance, light hop bitterness and the rich taste of Czech hop.


Ingredients: purified drinking water, barley amber malt, malt extract, malting barley, hop products.

Alcohol content: 4,6%

Original wort gravity: : 11 %

Energy value: 40 kcal

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer: not more than 3,5 gr of carbohydrates per 100 gr.

Expiry date: Bottle - 12 months, PET-Bottle – 6 months

Variants of package

  • 0.47 litre bottles
  • PET 1.42 liter

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