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Alivaria White

  • Type: Wheat
  • Origin: Belarus
  • Alcohol content: 4,2 %

Alivaria is the most popular Belorussian beer of high quality made of selected hops and malted barley.

Alivaria beer is brewed in order to the best traditions of Belorussian brewage of the natural ingredients and is a perfect choice for those, who want to enjoy the flavorful taste and beer aroma at acceptable price. This beer is ideal for friends and family meetings at home or outside.

Alivaria is white wheat beer, that has got special taste and unique refreshing qualities mixed up with the fruity aroma.


Ingredients: : water, pale barley malt, wheat, starched high-maltose syrup, hop products, plant extract of hops, orange and coriander.

Alcohol content: : 5 %

Original wort gravity: : 12 %

Energy value per 100 g of beer: 46 kcal.

Nutritional value per 100 g of beer: carbohydrates — not more than 4 g.

Variants of package

  • PET-Bottle 1 l
  • 0.5 litre bottles

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