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Flash Up Mojito

Flash up Mojito Energy is a non-alcoholic tonic (energy) carbonated fortified flavored drink.

Flash is a non-alcoholic energy drink, which is being  produced in Krasnoyarsk since 1999. It contains caffeine and taurine as well as vitamin and micro-component complex, selected in such a way that it helps one to feel refreshed and stimulates physical activity.

Flash is created for young active people, who enjoy life and don’t want to miss any moment because of weariness. Such a drink is a perfect mean to cheer up during a busy day and get the energy that is necessary for work and for entertainment. Besides, Flash has a pleasant taste, is highly drinkable and is produced in a usable package.



Ingredients: : purified drinking water, sugar, PH-control agents – citric acid, sodium citrate, taurine, natural flavouring – “Mint”, “Neutral emulsion”, “Lime”, natural caffeine, vitamin premix (vitamins: С, B3, B5, В6, B9, B7, В12), preserving agent sodium benzoate.

Energy value: : 50 kcal

Nutrition value: 12,5 gr of carbohydrates per 100 gr

Expire date: 9 months

Variants of package

  • PET-Bottle 0,5 l
  • PET-Bottle 1 l

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