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Arsenal TAOPiN

Arsenalnoye TAOPiN is a solid pale beer of high concentration. The beer,  that is brewed according to the historic recipe, has got racy pronounced hoppy flavor and bitterness.

The original Tula’s sort “TAOPiN” is named after the plant of “Tula’s joint-stock company of beer and beverage production”, where it had been produced in 90-ies. The release resumption has been confined to the 40th anniversary of the “Baltika-Tula” plant.


Alcohol content: 5,6%

Density: 12,0%

Expire date: Glass bottle – 12 months, PET-bottle – 6 months

Variants of package

  • 0.47 litre bottles
  • PET 1.42 liter

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