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Khlebny Krai 7 grasses

Khlebny Krai (Granary Land) has a rich aroma and the classic refreshing taste of real Russian kvass. High quality is achieved thanks to the use of only natural ingredients and application of traditional technology for preparing kvass directly from malt. The result is retention of the greatest possible amount of vitamins and useful microelements.

Based on the unique store of knowledge about malt and fermentation and the most modern technologies, the Company suggests to the consumers absolutely natural kvass of perfect taste at the moderate price.

The combination of barley and rye malt sorts supplies the drink with the rich and unforgettable taste. Khlebny Krai is an ideal drink for quenching the thirst.


Ingredients: water, barley malt, barley, brewery, sugar, malt extract (rye, wheat, barley, oats), barley rice, corn grits, millet.

Variants of package

  • 1,5 litre PET

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